SolarEdge Uses Chip to make 25 Percent More Productive Solar Panel (May 27, 2009) — Israeli start-up SolarEdge has developed electronics to make solar panels’ wiring 25 percent more productive.

solaredgeSolarEdge has a Web-based program for monitoring performance of panels.

SolarEdge are tackling the lost electricity from panels using micro-inverters at a lower cost. Instead of having one inverter to serve several panels, microinverters are designed to increase efficiency and monitor performance by attaching an inverter to each panel.

The company developed a junction box to be fitted on solar panels with an integrated circuit that fixes the voltage coming off panels. Having a steady voltage eliminates problems associated with degradations that happen when different panels’ performance varies, SolarEdge founder and CEO Guy Sella said.

The junction box is designed to work with SolarEdge’s inverter to optimize the conversion of direct current to alternating current.

The company’s first product is optimized for 3-kilowatt installations, a size suitable for a single home. The company expects to sell 25 megawatts’ worth of equipment by the end of this year.

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