Sony Launches Two Feature-Packed iPod Speakers in Europe (July 2, 2009) — Sony announced the European-only NAS-Z200iR and CMT-Z100iR all-in-one iPod speakers, which feature a built-in iPod dock, slot-loading CD player, AM/FM radio, analog audio input port and USB port compatible with a Sony Walkman or any other MP3 player.

sony_logoThe step-up NAS-Z200iR also includes additional network streaming functionality, including PC streaming and Internet radio via DLNA certified Wi-Fi.

The NAS-Z200iR has rechargeable remote, an iPod-esque device with a 3.5-inch LCD display.

The pricing of NAS-Z200iR will be 699 euros, or about $1,000. The European release date for the CMT-Z100iR is July and September for the NAS-Z200iR.

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