Sony Unveiled New PSP Go Handheld Videogame, Movie, Music Gadget (May 02, 2009) — Sony unveiled a new PSP Go handheld videogame, movie and music gadget that is a direct challenge to Nintendo’s freshly-launched DSi devices.

sony_pspThe company’s new PSP Go devices have built-in wireless Internet and Bluetooth capabilities and are half the size of the original PSP and built to download and store video, pictures and games, according to Sony Computer Entertainment president Kaz Hirai.

“It’s designed to bring all kinds of content to the PSP,” he said.

All future PSP videogame titles will be available for digital download, skipping any need to buy software on disks.

There is a new Sense Me feature that analyzes music stored in Go devices and then creates playlists to suit users’ moods. Go gadgets will also be built with a video delivery service Sony launched last year.

According to Sony, hot videogame franchises including “Gran Turismo,” “Metal Gear Solid,” and “Resident Evil” are creating new games for Go devices.

It will be priced at 249 dollars, or 249 Euros respectively, in the US and Europe in October.

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