Sony wants to make intelligent sockets

Sony wants to revolutionize an everyday object that has not changed in decades. The Japanese firm has announced it is working effectively in the development of “smart sockets”. The objective is to achieve energy savings, but above this energy to charge…

The process of Sony based partly on an authentication chip in the products to be supplied, and the other on “smart outlets” (taken intelligent) or a component of electrical installation in mind, responsible for authenticate equipment.

This would allow for example to automatically bill the owner of an electric car, without his having to take any further action that the plug at any terminal. It would also increase self-service outlets, in public places, allowing billing for consumption.

But also, in the sole interest of the consumer this time to analyze the power consumption of equipment and adapt the source function, automatically cutting the end of charge, for example.

The “smart outlets’ Sony rely entirely on existing and proven technologies such as RFID, he is left to actually convince all actors in the chain of electricity, which is by far the largest part of the site.

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