SpamStopsHere, a hosted e-mail Filtering Platform, Blocks 99 percent of Spam (July 28, 2009) — Spam is a crippling problem for small to medium-size businesses. It takes an average of three seconds for a user to view and delete a spam message. Although spam filters block approximately 80 percent of spam before it reaches the user, the massive quantities of e-mail spam and the increasing ingenuity of spammers leave a large number of spam messages in end-user inboxes.

blockspamGreenview Data offers SpamStopsHere, a hosted e-mail filtering platform that blocks 99 percent of spam and ensures delivery of legitimate e-mails.

The company is offering cost-conscious businesses a 30-day trial of its hosted e-mail spam solution, SpamStopsHere. The hosted platform requires no installation or tuning, no IT support to operate or maintain and costs as little as $6 per mailbox per year.

SpamStopsHere also provides out-of-the-box deployment, e-mail service continuity by “spooling” (storing and forwarding) messages if the mail server is offline for immediate delivery once it is restored and e-mail reliability with multiple, redundant, geographically disparate servers to protect the integrity of e-mail communications.

SpamStopsHere’s optional anti-virus protection scans e-mail attachments for viruses and removes infected files. Scan summaries added to the bottom of e-mails alert users when attachments have been removed.

For added e-mail assurance, Greenview Data’s RestorEmail cloud-based archiving solution provides ongoing archival storage and real-time retrieval access for vital e-mail data to ensure business continuity, regulatory compliance and protection against loss of e-mail data in the event of a disaster.

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