iPhone with Remote Recording Function or Spying Tools

Technology.am (Aug. 1, 2009) — Seychelles-based FlexiSpy has released new software that lets you remotely turn on an iPhone’s microphone and listen in on the surroundings.

flexispyThe remote recording function is being installed on all new iPhones running FlexiSpy, which only works when the phone is jailbroken, meaning it is free from limitations imposed by Apple and AT&T.

Flexispy markets its products as a way to “supervise and protect teenagers and employees, and to investigate infidelity and criminal activity.” These activities are in many cases illegal unless users know they can be spied upon, which usually defeats the purpose.

Flexispy could be useful in media companies. This is applicable in those areas where an investigator cannot go.

Law enforcement could also use the software after getting court approval.

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