SSD: Plextor Announces M5 Pro, up to 540 MB/s

By September Plextor will market a new line of SSD, named M5 Pro, which promises performance of about 540MB/s read and up to 94,000 IOPS.

After the M3 Pro and M5S, Plextor continues to strengthen its range with the Wednesday announcement, the M5 Pro range, composed of SSD 128, 256 and 512 GB. The manufacturer combines here the recent Marvell 88SS9187 controller and its eight channels to Flash memory chips toggle engraved in 19 nanometers and Toshiba signed, within a frame 7 mm thick mounted on a SATA 6Gb/s interface. Since the M3 Pro, the amount of RAM allocated to the cache has been revised upwards, since the three models announced embark respectively 256, 512 and 768 MB of DDR3.

The set allows Plextor advancing the theoretical performance of:

  • 128 GB: 540 and 340 MB/s sequential read and write, 91,000 and 82,000 IOPS random read and write
  • 256 GB: 540 and 450 MB/s sequential read and write, 94,000 and 86,000 IOPS random read and write
  • 512 GB: 540 and 450 MB/s sequential read and write, 94,000 and 86,000 IOPS random read and write.

Plextor, which will provide its SSD with 3.5 adapter and with the Acronis True Image HD, emphasizes the error correction on 128-bit permitted by the Marvell controller, and the ability to encrypt data in 256-bit AES. The manufacturer also emphasizes the development of a custom firmware device integrating its performance management over the long term, called True Speed Technology.

Guaranteed for five years, the Plextor M5 Pro should enter the European market by September. A first test performed by TweakTown confirms the usefulness of these new models, which in practice turn out to actually perform better than the M3 Pro. Remains to be seen what price will have.

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