Stunning Facts about Mobile Recycling

Mobile phones are no longer a luxury. In fact, they have emerged as one of the most essential gadgets today. No one can do without these multi-purpose communication devices that have transformed the modern life. It is interesting to note that mobile phone users constantly hunt for newer and better models, no matter how much they love their existing handset. Thanks to the rapid development in technology that allows us to explore and benefit from scores of new features with every passing day. But have you ever thought what happens to the phones that you dump and do not send for recycling?

Stunning Facts about Mobile Recycling

Old Cell Phones – A Harmful Waste

Do you know your old phone is “considered a hazardous waste” in many countries. Recyclers deem electronic waste a “rapidly expanding” issue. Next to computers and monitors, mobile phones are becoming one of the major sources of electronic trash. Electronic trash contains a considerable amount of toxic material. Unfortunately, this deadly trash is clogging up landfills and polluting the air as well as groundwater. So, what should be done to your old mobile phone? Read on to find the answer.

Every Recycled Cell Phone Makes a Difference

Recycling mobile phones is certainly the best way to save the planet. In 2010, over 152 million mobile devices were discarded by the users in the U.S. About 135 million devices were trashed and 17 million were recycled. Recycling of mobile phones has got a number of benefits, which include:

  • Almost all components of cell phones can be recycled. It means we can save the environment from harmful effects of toxins.
  • Recycling processes require less energy, so add to the energy saving measures.
  • Reprocessing cell phones also helps to reduce the greenhouse gases effect and lessens the toxicity levels.
  • The energy saved by salvaging even one mobile phone is sufficient to power a laptop for about 44 hours.

What to do with your Old Cell Phones?

If you want to get rid of your old cell phone and buy a new handset to explore a whole new world of communication and entertainment, you can simply donate it to charity organizations or sell it. Instead of dumping your gadget and act as a source of damaging the environment, you can make money out of it or get self-satisfaction by donating it.

Charity. You can give your old mobile phone to charity organizations such as:

  • Cell Phones For Soldiers
  • Collective Good
  • Phones 4 Charity
  • Shelter Alliance

Donating your old mobile phones can be a source of self-satisfaction. You will be making a difference in the life of hapless people as well as contributing to the planet on the whole.

Selling. We know that you cannot wait to ask how I can sell my phone or other sets you may have. Well, the simplest and the fast way to sell your old mobile phone and make quick cash is to sell your mobile phones online. Some websites allow you to sell your old phones at reasonable prices. You can mail your phone to the company and once they check out the condition of your phone they will make a bid. In case the price does not suit you, you can have your phone back. In addition to finding the best deal, selling your mobile phone online allows you to save your time and energy.

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