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Have a News or a Start-up?

If you have some news worthy article, or a start-up which you may want to get published email it to us at submit@technology.am. If we like your idea we’ll feature it with your complete bio in the post.


You can register here and submit the post for us to look. You can also email us to know if you’re interested to become a permanent contributor and we can give you an Editor status here at Technology.am

Editorial Guidelines

Please stick to the guidelines, i.e. one link in the author, one link in the post to our own article, and at least 700 words. It can be anything newsworthy but it shouldn’t be copied and edited from other site. For example, we’ll not publish an article about “How to hack a website” or something like that.

We usually like list type articles, how-to guides, and photoshop tutorials which are new and unique.

You can also become our Tech News correspondent and we can give you full credit in the About Us page with a permanent link to your website.