Tech Future Calling: Do You Have it in You to Be Part of the Next-Gen Tech Brigade?

The tech terrain has no plans to slow down with loads of challenges troubling them every now and then. From a study in the US including the top 353 IT executives who were surveyed in Computerworld’s annual Forecast, it has been estimated that around 29 percent of the companies plan to enlarge their IT staffing during next summer. This is reasonably high considering the 23% reported in the 2010 survey and 20% in 2009. With the IT industry booming again, we sum up the top skills for which IT firms are in the hunt.

Programming and Application Development

There has been a considerable increase in opportunities for freshmen in the programming and App design development sector. The survey points out that 61% of the IT executives plan to hire these specifically skilled people within the next 12 months. It’s notable that the poll shows an increased from around 44% in the previous year’s survey. The job demands a worker to be engaged in work ranging from website development to upgrading internal systems and meeting the needs of mobile users.

Help Desk/Technical Support

The tremendous foray of technology in the mobile phone sector has further increased the need for IT employees. With new mobile OSes emerging, a fresh aspect to help desk and tech support sector has also surfaced. Basic knowledge in trouble shooting and technical knowhow has turned essential. Specific training and certifications are optimal to fit into this job profile.

Project Manager

The IT industry now looks for personnel who are unconventional and more resourcefully productive in their jobs. The new generation project managers are not just people who can supervise and analyze projects. They are also expected to be more open towards the users’ requirements and translate them for the IT staffers – the ever more popular business analysts.


With increasing prospects in the networking sector – both in the social and business circles – an added number of candidates with these unique skills in the field are in demand. This sudden boom is stimulated to some extent by virtualization and cloud computing projects. The appraisal also hinted that the executives will prefer for candidates with VMware and Citrix experience.

Business Intelligence

Recent studies point out that many top IT firms have recently revised their focus towards more business deals apart from software development and implementation. This includes cost savings to investing in new technology. It’s positive move that can be very vital to the industry’s existence in future.

Data Center

Again, the need for this job profile is fuelled by the increasing popularity of Virtualization and the Cloud computing. It demands more professionals with experiences in data center operations and systems integration.

Web 2.0

One of the major must-have skills expected from the current generation of IT employees is knowledge in Web 2.0. With the fast growing Social internet media, there is a high demand for Dot Net, AJAX and PHP as significant back-end skills. Familiarity in HTML, XML, CSS, Flash and JavaScript, is also expected.


Security segment is always an inevitable part in IT field. Although the demand is a little down from the previous year by 32%, security still remain as top priority among the IT executives.


The Communications and networking demands is higher than ever before. Survey also points that there is a large need for people with IP telephony skills, and employees experienced with Cisco IPCC call center systems. The potential employers must be able to; interact well with the installation team, configure system elements and should be able to give advice and support in technical areas.


Now tell us, do you have it in you to be a part of the next-gen IT brigade?

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