Technology Trends in 2013

Wonder what new technology trends are coming in 2013. Here is our lost:

The arrival of Haswell

In 2013 we should see the rise of the Haswell micro-processor architecture. Designed by Intel, it will remain based on a fine engraving 22 nm but offer a significant performance gain both on processor and graphics. The interesting thing about Haswell will be found on the side of the power consumption that is expected to make significant progress. Intel suggests a reduction of around 20X standby power via various improvements, including through the introduction Connected Standby mode, a new power state of the processor.

One thing is for sure, Haswell micro-architecture should be widely deployed by Intel on ultra-efficient desktop PC’s, laptops and ultrabooks and perhaps even tablets! Intel has indeed demonstrated Haswell chip consumes less than 10 watts. In short, the PC 2013 will be Haswell… and maybe even the tablet.

The year of the SSD and ultrabook?

2012 was the year a fundamental changes in the SSD. New chips take place in the latest SSD, which has the advantage of giving the consumer more choice than it had before.

I think 2013 will be the year of increased competition and lower prices even more significantly, thanks to the arrival of the TLC memory type. When it comes to price, we should approach the 50cents per GB for the most efficient models. Democratization of SSD in 2013?

Another trend that emerges very clearly for next year, are the touch ultrabooks. The formats are varied, but thanks to touch interface in Windows 8 ultrabooks will surely be highly popular among users.

Assistants finally useful?

In 2012, Google launched Google Now for Android, somehow his answer to Siri on iOS, but with a very promising set of features, allowing the display of information (schedules, routes, places to visit …) depending on user position. We expect the evolution of this type of interaction with the mobile device, and I think Google Now Apple Siri will be very succesful.

Steam Box and new consoles

Gabe Newell, the big boss of Valve, has officially announced: Steam will soon be focused on a specific hardware platform. Not really a console itself, but a PC if we believe to the words of Newell. Logically, the arrival of such a platform on the market, potentially in 2013, is expected to shake up the video game market, at a time when the consoles side eyeing multimedia services.

Add to that the rumors of more persistent about future new consoles from Sony and Microsoft – and this is clearly a new clash of the titans that promises in 2013, even though it’s a safe bet that the equipment for them will arrive in 2014 … except maybe the non-Steam console. Anyway, at Valve, the revolution is already underway for the launch of the Big Picture mode.

High resolutions

This trend began in 2012 but it will definitely momentum in 2013. I think a higher screen resolution will be the main novelty of many new products throughout the year.

The year for Windows?

Is it really a “trend”? Probably not, but it seems to me anyway that 2013 would be a crucial year for the Windows world. Microsoft will indeed draw the consequences of the launch of Windows 8 and it is likely that the world’s number one software takes advantage of the upcoming year to adjust its strategy.

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