IBM develops Analytics Technology for Telecommunications Industry (Oct. 9, 2009) — IBM announced two analytics-focused research projects for telecom service providers and e-retailers to improve customer service and new-customer acquisitions. Both projects enable communication providers to quickly find actionable insights in huge volumes of data — all while learning how their customers’ preferences change.

ibmScientists at IBM Research labs in India and Israel have made advancements in analytics to examine the way customers communicate, make purchasing decision, and download applications.

IBM Social Network Analysis

IBM’s Social Network Analysis technology is being developed by scientists at IBM Research – India to map the social networks and calling patterns of telco subscribers.

By analyzing calling patterns, service providers can now develop more attractive and useful subscriber plans — particularly for those high-volume, highly social subscribers who seem to heavily influence their friends’ calling plan decisions.

IBM Customer Analyst

IBM Customer Analyst technology, under development by IBM Research — Haifa, focuses on better understanding Internet users — particularly mobile telephone subscribers. The proof-of-concept technology employs sophisticated algorithms to create a detailed profile of existing and potential customers by analyzing purchasing and download habits. This can help carriers and retailers predict what products and services — and what combinations of these offerings — will appeal to particular consumers.

IBM Customer Analyst proof-of-concept is currently being piloted by Taiwan Mobile, a leading telecommunication company in Taiwan.

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