Telematics and GPS Go In The Right Direction (May 7, 2007) — The new navigation system prototype incorporates efforts from three companies. Volkswagen, Google and graphics chipmaker nVidia are working together to create a 3-D, realistic-looking in-car navigation map system and display.

gps-detectionImagine you are in a deserted place in the night, and have a tire failure. The tire shops will be closing for the weekend soon. You need to find one quickly that has the right replacement tire or you will have to finish your trip driving on the spare.

In this scenario, you need only press a button to request assistance locating the nearest tire shop that is still open. An operator finds the shops by matching local data with the car’s GPS location. With a candidate tire shop conferenced on the line by the operator, you have to provide the tire size and the shop confirms they have it in stock and ready to be installed.

It may be you don’t know where the shop is located. Before the tire shop employee can attempt to give directions, the online operator sends the shop’s address to the car’s on-board navigation system, which then automatically routes the driver to the shop. This is the future of merged telematics services, such as General Motors’ OnStar, and on-board navigation systems — now best known for the nagging instruction “Please make a legal U-turn,” after the driver has disregarded some ill-considered route suggested by the computer.
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