The Atom Centerton arrives in HP servers

Intel and HP announced the first Atom Centreton servers will be marketed in Gemini in Palo Alto to be delivered at the end of the year. These are the first fruits of the project Moonshot from HP which have the goal to provide servers which are simpler, more efficient and with better performance. They are primarily for the web or cloud, and they use “cartridges”, a rack that is inserted into the server to easily increase performance.

Centerton is an Atom intended to compete with ARM processors which are beginning to integrate servers. There are no graphic circuits, but offers a 64-bit dual core compatible with HyperThreading and Virtualization technologies. The Centerton also supports eight PCI-Express 2.0 and old connections, such as the serial port or SMBus.

Intel learns from the manufacture of the first to offer an Atom chip that fails to chipset that consumes very little. The version included in the Gemini has a TDP of only 6 watts, depending on depth.

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