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It has taken several months for a good selection of native iPad EMR apps to be available for the iPad. This is despite the fact that since its release, the iPad has been considered a perfect device for doctors. Ergonomically, the iPad is something of a digital clipboard. With its long battery life and thin design, the iPad has been soundly beating out its competitors in the tablet device space. While there are several electronic medical record systems available on the market, there have only been a few released so far with native iPad functionality.

Electronic medical record systems are complex applications, and pose a challenge for most start-up companies that want to develop a new application to compete in this market. For this reason, there have been only a handful of new iPad based EMR systems released. At the same time, there are several established EMR systems available on the market that can be accessed through the iPad. In this article, I will provide you with a number of available EMR systems that each has their own highlights and drawbacks, depending on your own specific situation.

Web Based Applications

Many applications are web based, and therefore can be accessed through the iPad’s Safari browser. These applications upside is that they are available on multiple devices. This means that colleagues that have other devices other than just the iPad can access these tools, making them more socially useful in a team environment. Here are some of the top web based applications that can be accessed via the iPad’s Safari browser.

MediTouch was one of the first ONC-ATCB certified EHR applications on the iPad market

iChartsMD is a web based EMR application that is available on several platforms including the iPhone’s iOS and Google Android.

This is a Medical Communications System that is available on all Apple devices: tablets, iPhones and laptops.

NueMD is another ONC-ATCB certified EHR application that is available on both Apple iOS and Windows Phone 6 platforms.

WebChart is an ONC-ATCB certified EMR system built for cardiologists that can be run on a number of smart phone platforms

Remote Access EMR Systems

Remote access systems work through a remote desktop tool such as Citrix. In order to access the applications on a remote access system, the user downloads the application client on the client device and then logs in to a secured session that is remotely hosted on an application server. iPad provides a Citrix client so you can leverage EMR systems easily through the iPad that your institution has made long term investments in without having to reinvest in new applications. Some of the more popular remote access based EMR Systems are listed below:

Allscripts provides its own proprietary remote connection technology and now has a client for the iPad

eClinicalWorks has a client called iClickDoc that works for the iPad

The Eclipsys system was bought by Allscripts, but has remote access to their own proprietary Sunrise Hospital EHR application.

Epic will soon be releasing its own iPad client called Canto.

GE Centricity
This is a very popular application that is available as a remote access client for iPad

Native iPad EMR Applications

In order to take advantage of all of the cool new features of the iPad to their fullest, new native iPad EMR systems are becoming available on the market. Currently, the two most popular applications are Dr. Chrono and Nimble.

Dr. Chrono
Dr. Chrono is a newer and very popular EMR system that offers an advanced medical speech to text function, paperless medical billing, iPad patient check-in and custom clinical notes.

Nimble is a full featured Electronic Health Record system that provides several useful features such as medical art, refill requests, evidence based decision support, patient scheduling, patient data graphing and more.

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