The Best Tech Bargains of 2015

We’re all looking for a bargain, especially when it comes to the latest technology. It can be too expensive to keep up with all of the products coming out, so you need to look for deals to stay up to date. The good news is you don’t have to sacrifice quality to get in on these deals. Consider the following three tech bargains:

T-Mobile Postpaid Service

T-Mobile has been making headlines because of its uncarrier model, which is vastly different than its competitors. Instead of having to sign a contract that includes your talk, text, data and the cost of the phone, T-Mobile does not restrict you to a certain plan or phone.

Furthermore, if you decide to ditch your old carrier, T-Mobile offers some awesome perks for signing up with them. For example, T-Mobile will pay your early termination fees as well as your current phone that you’re subsidizing. This is perfect if you like to always have the latest smartphone, such as the new Samsung Galaxy S 6.

With this no contract model, you know that you aren’t paying a false inflation price for a subsidized phone even if you don’t upgrade every two years.


HBO’s Game of Thrones made headlines last year when it set the world’s piracy record. But, as Forbes pointed out last year, HBO doesn’t seem to mind being pirated very much.


However, HBO finally came out with a streaming platform that does not require you to have an additional cable subscription. HBO Now was released in April and costs $15 per month. That’s a great deal, considering that you previously had to pay that on top of your normal cable or satellite bill. HBO Now lets you choose just about any current program or movie from its arsenal, such as Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley and True Detective.

The only downside is that you have to have an Apple device, such as an Apple TV, for the subscription to work. Otherwise, your only option is to subscribe to Sling TV, which costs an extra $20 per month.

Nest Thermostat

Although the Nest thermostat costs about $250 upfront, it doesn’t take long to see a return on your investment due to the savings on your electric bill. Nest can save energy and money with the following three features:

  1. You can teach Nest your temperature behaviors and preferences. After a couple days, the thermostat gets a feel of what you like and develops an algorithm to mimic your behaviors. This means that the Nest can automatically set a comfortable temperature for you.
  2. Nest can automatically set an away temperature after you leave the house. This way you don’t have to remember to lower the AC or heat before you leave and you won’t waste energy on an empty home.
  3. Nest’s remote access allows you to control the thermostat from your phone. You can set the temperature, adjust your schedule, change your settings and put your it in away mode all without actually having to be in your home. This is an especially good feature for frequent travelers.


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