The Lost Charm: Celebrities Who Died in 2012

It felt like when the calendar turned 2012 many of our childhood celebrities have started to disappear in a striking velocity. They all were part of our nostalgia and childhood fantasy. We live under the wrong notion that our celebrities will always be there smiling and entertaining us till the silver screen exists. We can never think of them as sick, old or useless.  For us, they are the eternal symbols of entertainment and performance. But their deaths often come to us as a boomerang and leave us disillusioned.  Let us see some of the celebrities whom we lost in 2012.

Ron Palillo

Ron Palillo, American television and film actor, died of a heart attack on August 14, 2012. He is best remembered for his role as the high school student Arnold Dingfelder Horshack on the ABC sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter. When he died, he was 63.

Marvin Hamlisch

The American composer and conductor Marvin Hamlisch died at the age of 68 following a brief illness in L.A. He received Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony awards. In addition, he has been awarded a Pulitzer Prize.  He composed or arranged the scores for dozens of movies including “The Sting” and the Broadway smash “A Chorus Line”.

Sherman Hemsley

Sherman Hemsley, most famous for his role in ‘The Jeffersons’ & ‘All In The Family’, died at his home in El Paso, Texas on July 24, 2012. He was 74.

Robin Gibb

Bee Gee Robin Gibb died at the age of 62 from liver and kidney failure on May 20, 2012. According to Music historian Paul Gambaccini, Gibb is “one of the major figures in the history of British music” and “one of the best white soul voices ever”.

 Ernest Borgnine

TV & film actor Ernest Borgnine died at the age of 95 on July 8, 2012. He earned an Emmy Award nomination at the age of 92 for his work on the series ER.

Donna Summer

American singer and songwriter Donna Summer died of lung cancer at the age of 63 on May 17, 2012. This five-time Grammy Award winner was the first one to have three consecutive double albums reach number one on the United States Billboard chart.

Junior Seau

Junior Seau, who became a San Diegosports icon, was a linebacker in the National Football League. He was found dead at the age of 43 on May 2, 2012. He shot himself in the chest and left a suicide note.

Levon Helm

Singer and drummer for the Band Levon Helm died of lung cancer on April 19th in New York. He was 71.

 Dick Clark

American radio and television legend Dick Clark died on April 18, 2012. He is popular for hosting America’s favorite and longest-running show named American Bandstand from 1957 to 1987. He was 82.

Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace died on April 7, 2012 at the age of 93.

Whitney Houston

The pop Legend and actress Whitney Houston was found dead in a Hotel at Los Angeles on February 11, 2012. She was 48.

Davy Jones

Davy Jones of Monkees died of a heart attack in Florida on February 29, 2012.



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