The most pirated movies of 2012

What was the most pirated film of 2012? According to the website TorrentFreak, it is Project X, this film featuring an evening of improvised by young Americans in harm popularity. Pole position in this ranking, however, is not played that little …

With nearly 8.7 million downloads via peer-to-peer, Project X was the most downloaded movie of the year 2012. The latest version of Mission: Impossible (Ghost Protocol) and Batman (The Dark Knight Rises), however, were not far behind, as they in turn raised respectively 8.5 and 8.2 million downloads. Avengers, took fourth place with more then 8.1 million downloads. Here is the complete list of top 10 downloaded movies in 2012:

Project X: 8,720,000

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol: 8,500,000

The Dark Knight Rises: 8,230,000

Avengers: 8,110,000

Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows: 7,850,000

21 Jump Street: 7,590,000

Millenium: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: 7,420,000

The Dictator: 7,330,000

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift: 6,960,000

Twilight, Chapter IV: Revelation: 6,740,000

Project X, whose budget was also much smaller than Batman, for example, has nevertheless made ​​a breakthrough in popularity over networks. We can also notice that some of high quality and popular movies in cinema’s like Skyfall, and latest James Bond are not on this list.

A few days ago, it was Game of Thrones that was ranked as the most pirated series of 2012. Stay entertained the whole day with exciting thriller DVDs.

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