The New Way to Explore Professional Image Archives (Aug. 29, 2009) — Researchers at EU-funded IMAGINATION project developed ImageNotion software that makes it easier to organise, search and navigate collections of digital images for media agencies and photographers.

eu_ImgThe ImageNotion software takes a user-friendly approach to semantic image annotation and search that links the content of photos to concepts so as to make the images understandable by computers.

The systems have required end users to use a manually developed ontology – a lexicon of predefined concepts used to assign machine-readable semantic meaning to information – and then train the software to correctly annotate different images.

The ImageNotion system removes the complexity for the end user, combining semantic annotation with a variety of other technologies, from text mining and object recognition to face detection and face identification, in order to allow many more images to be accurately annotated without user intervention.

The incorporation of other technologies, such as face detection and recognition, means that considerably less has to be done by the user to ensure photos are tagged correctly. The face detection system, which identifies the presence of people in a photograph, functions with around 80 percent accuracy, said Nagypal the technical and scientific coordinator of the IMAGINATION project.

A web-based beta version is also available for testing on the website of ImageNotion Ltd.

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