The Top 5 Firewall Security Softwares

There are tons of software to protect your computer that are available almost anywhere. The good about this is that most of them are very useful and are effective against keeping out viruses and other malicious items from your computer.

But still, there are some that perform better than others and are worthy to be on the Top 5 list for providing security against viruses. Read on to learn more about the different antivirus software available and find out which one will best suit you.

Comodo Firewall

This is a free firewall program that is very effective and is very easy to use. Comodo firewall is very easy to install, the applications are very easy to use and it even has special features that go along with it. What’s special about this is that it has a special anti malware tool called Defence+ which ensure that you are protected and covered against viruses online. It guarantees full coverage against spyware and other malicious attackers online. Also, you get to customize the tools and on how you want it to work which makes it very flexible for anyone.

Eset Smart security

ESET is also considered as one of the best. It has an antivirus firewall and an anti spam filter which works really well if you do a lot of e-mail checking. The only downfall for this one is probably its price, because you can only get this if you pay $ 60 for thirty days. Pricey, but it sure is worth it if it means that you’ll be free of spyware and other online threats. It also has tools with a full memory foot print.

You can also choose from the three modes available when it comes to the security that you’re looking for. It will completely anything that will go into your computer and it will automatically block items that are malicious or are infected.

Online Armor Free Firewall

This program is easily available yet it has features like any ordinary firewall. It has a key logger guard, worm protection and script protection. This will cover you against the different attacks that can be found online. This program can be easily installed and it is also quite fast. It will ask for an initial configuration and set-up. This is also powerful enough to protect you against hackers online.

AVS Firewall

This one is quite different from other software because it has protection modules with it. It doesn’t really have different options compared to other software but it doesn’t allow you to set it up the way you want to.

Zone Alarm Free Firewall

This is known to be an excellent OS firewall solution because it protects you from different intrusions online. Also best for novice user because it enables web access easy and you can turn it off whenever it isn’t needed.

Choose the best software for your computer and keep it virus free from now on.

This is a guest post by Emma J who is writing on behalf of immunet antivirus software. Keep your online identity secure by installing a comprehensive ESET Smart Security 6 on your computer.

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