The World’s Most Beautiful Railway Stations

Railway station – the place where we share our tears of parting and smiles of reunion. The place echoes our secretly uttered jokes, gently murmured words of love and the heartbeats that anxiously anticipate for an unknown future.  The railway stations are not transportation hubs only but it carries the age’s architecture glory and engineering. Let us take a look at the railway stations that stand the test of time and remain in its pomp and glory.

Madrid Atocha railway station 

The Madrid Atocha railway station, which is considered to be the largest station inMadrid, was inaugurated on 9 February 1851. The steel and glass roof spread natural light inside. There is an indoor tropical botanical garden on the ground floor with a coffee shop nearby. You can sit and zip your coffee enjoying the greenery before you.


Rossio Station —Lisbon, Portugal

The Rossio train and metro station is situated at Lisboncity centre. The station which is formerly known as Central station is a pure blend of romantic Manueline style of architecture. Beautifully decorated clock tower on the top and the eight doors with nine majestic windows give a 16th century Portugal picture.

Sirkeci Station —Istanbul,Turkey

The Sirkeci train station ofTurkeyattracts visitors with its historical significance as it was the last end point of Orient express. The architecture is a mix of European and Otoman styles. The Orient Express restaurant and the Whirling Dervishes presentation in the station make it more attractive.


King’s Cross Station —London,England

The King’s Cross Station otherwise known as London King’s Cross is a major London railway station located at theCentral London. It opened in 1852. There are lots of cafes and restaurants to hangout and the architecture is simply elegant.

Union Station —Los Angeles, California

The Union Station was inaugurated in 1939. The station was built in a Moorish style and the interior is stunning with a 100 feet high ceiling.

Grand Central Terminal —New York City, New York

The Grand Central Terminal, situated in the heart of the city, was rebuilt in 1913. It is one of the favorite pass-time spots with five restaurants and cocktail lounges, 20 casual international restaurants in the ground Dining Concourse. The place is a centre for ongoing public events and entertainment promotions including fairs.

Gare du Nord —Paris, France

The Gare du Nord, located inParis, really outshines all other station with its beauty and splendor. The station appeared in a few films like Bourne Identity and Ocean’s Twelve.

São Bento Station —Porto, Portugal

São Bento Station is beautiful with its magnificent exterior and it gives a 19th century outlook by harmonizing Parisian architecture and stone façade. The front hall really makes us thunder-struck.  All the walls are covered with 20,000 azulejo tin-glazed ceramic tiles. Artist Jorge Colaço took eleven years to complete the process.

Central Railway Station —Helsinki, Finland

The Central Railway Station has a unique design and structure. The huge marble blocks and the giant statues sculpted by Emil Wikstrom make the station a remarkable piece of art.

Dunedin Train Station —Dunedin, New Zealand

The Dunedin Train Station has Flemish Renaissance-style architecture with white Oamaru limestone facings on black basalt rock. The architect George Troup was nicknamed Gingerbread George because of its unique architecture. In the book hall, the beautiful mosaic floor is covered with 750,000 tiles of Royal Doulton porcelain.

So get your camera ready to click when you pass through these beautiful stations.







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