Top 10 Internet Tips for Less-Than-Savvy Users

The internet continues to grow and has become an integral part of almost everyone’s daily life. It has experienced a growth of 676.3% during the last fourteen years. With this ever-increasing number of users, the sheer amount of information available in cyber space has grown exponentially, and navigatingthrough it can be a daunting task. We have compiled a list of internet tips you must know to findyour way through the growing ‘network of networks’.

Top 10 Internet Tips for Less-Than-Savvy Users

  1. You don’t need to write the ‘http://’ or ‘www.’ portion of a web address every time you want to open a page, as your browser does this for you. If you are visiting a ‘.com’ domain you can skip writing the suffix too and simply press ‘Ctrl’+ ‘Enter’ to let the browser complete the URL for you. This simple trick can save a lot of your time and help you avoid unnecessary hassle while browsing.
  2. Do not confine yourself to the default browser that comeswith your computer. There are a number of other browsers available today,which perform a lot better than this default browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc).
  3. Use tabbed browsing: It’s a nifty feature now available on all internet browsers. If you come across a link that interests you while exploring a webpage, simply right click on the link and open it in a new tab. It will help you to open new links without interrupting your current browsing. It also allows for easy switching between multiple webpages, which can come in handy in situations where you’re comparing two products.
  4. Switch between tabs without having to click on specific tabs by using the“Ctrl+Tab” command. Only a lazy tab hoarder will understand the blessing of being able to switch tabs with minimal hand movement.
  5. You do not have to use mouse excessively to bring the cursor to each individual field while filling online forms. Simply use the Tab key to jump between fields of an online form. Similarly, use the up and down keys for selecting options in drop down menus. Minimizing the use of your computer’s mouse can actually help you save a lot of time while you’re browsing the internet.
  6. While the internet isan endless source of information, there are a number of security threats your computer faces every time you connect to the internet. It is very important to have a reputable antivirus software installed on your computer to prevent viruses and malicious programs from infesting it. In fact, getting the best antivirus you can find to protect your computer from online threats is one of the best thingsyou can do to improve your overall browsing experience. It gives you peace of mind and you can surf freely without feeling threatened by viruses. Browse smartly and safely!

It is also wise to regularly upgrade your antivirus and its database to recognize the latest threats.Install a firewall and keep it active to filter any malicious content from getting access to your files and corrupting them.

  1. You can skip typing addresses for search engines and simply search directly from your browser. It can be done by either making that search engine your homepage or by customizing your browser to show a search bar as an add-on. Mozilla and Chrome even offer you the option to search from their homepage.
  2. Keeping your browser plug-ins up-to-date can help ensure an uninterrupted browsing experience for you. After all, you don’t want to be stuck with an error message while trying to play your favorite video or online game.
  3. Learn about browser shortcuts and make your internet experience simpler. Some of the most commonly used shortcuts include:
  • ‘Alt’+ ‘D’ to access the address bar
  • Use ‘backspace key’ to go back a page
  • Press ‘F5’ to refresh a page
  • Press ‘F11’ to make the browser go full-screen
  • Use ‘Ctrl’ + ‘B’ to open bookmarks
  1. Bookmark websites you find interesting. It provides you with a convenient shortcut to access them in the future. This feature is particularly ­­­­useful when you find a website you like in your Google Search results, and want to access it without knowing its complicated and long web address later on.

These simple yet important tips will help you save a lot of time and effort when browsing the internet!

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