Top 10 Technologies for Health and Beauty

Health and beauty are two of the most important things in today’s society. Everyone wants to be healthy and look good doing it. Fortunately, there are hundreds of companies dedicated you do just that.

Here are the top 10 technologies for health and beauty:

1. StressEraser

Stress is an indiscriminate killer. It targets businessmen, housewives, students and laborers. With StressEraser, a portable biofeedback device, people can bring their stress levels down to a healthier, more manageable level.

Users simply place their finger into the infrared sensor and StressEraser gauges their HRV (heart rate variability). The device then takes users through specific breathing exercises that help to lower their heart rate and relieve muscle tension.

2. Zeno Heat Treat

Acne creates a feeling of isolation and humiliation within sufferers. For those who don’t want to meet the world with embarrassing marks on their face, there is Zeno Heat Treat.

This blemish-removal device uses heat technology to open up the pores of the face and reduce clogging. The product also incorporates a soothing cream that reduces oil build-up.

3. Fitbit

With Fitbit, a revolutionary new pedometer, running is no longer a challenge- it’s a treat! The tiny device is capable of tracking a runner’s calories, steps and distance and a new 3D motion sensor monitors the user’s every move, no matter the environment or temperature.

The device uses the age-old technology found in traditional pedometers but miniaturizes it, so the Fitbit can fit in your pocket or sock.

4. Proton Toothbrush

The Proton Toothbrush is just another in a long line of impressive Japanese advancements. This oral hygiene instrument uses no water or toothpaste. Instead, it relies on positive and negative polarity to remove plaque from the teeth. A special metal in the brush head uses ions to create an electrical current that keeps mouths clean and free of decay and gum disease.

5. Reebok Speedpac

“Weight training is the closest we have to the fountain of youth,” one bodybuilder famously said. With Reebok Speedpac, an all-in-one dumbbell set, users can finally locate that illustrious youth-restorer.

The 25-pound piece of equipment is small, portable and can be stored on the shelf or under the bed. By simply turning knobs on the side, users can adjust the metal discs in 2 ½-pound increments.

6. The Epilator

For years the thought of epilation has brought a tear to many a woman’s eye, but today’s epilators are a great deal gentler and more efficient at removing even the tiniest of hairs. Once a leg is treated it will remain free of hair for over 4 weeks, with greater smooth-leg success than waxing. Try Braun’s Silk-epil Xpressive, which can be used in warm water for a more relaxing session.

7. Lifemax i-Trans Acupressure Anti-Travel Sickness Wrist Band

Many people suffer from travel sickness, which can greatly impede upon the enjoyment of a holiday experience. Many people may turn to drugs to alleviate their nausea, but there are other options, including the Lifemax i-Trans Wrist Band, which utilises natural Chinese acupressure to free the wearer from the effects of motion sickness. The Lifemax Wrist Band can also be used during pregnancy to help the wearer cope with morning sickness.

8. Electro Reflex Energizer

Sore, tender and tense leg muscles are the cause of much pain and discomfort for many people. A trip to the chiropodist, or to a spa for a massage could help, but if you wish to alleviate the pain at home there is another option. The Electro Reflex Energizer stimulates acupressure points throughout your feet using a low electrical frequency, with soothes and relieves tightness and tension in the legs and feet. The device is portable, so can be used at home or in the office, for instant relaxation and revitalization.

9. Ionic Hairdryers

For practically everyone, drying your hair is part of the daily routine and one that often comes with a dry, brittle side effect. This does have to be the case and with an ionic hairdryer your hair could be dried in no time and shiner than ever. An ionic hairdryer uses negative ions to help hair absorb water molecules, rather than heating them away. As the water isn’t just blown away and is instead taken in by the hair itself, a glossier, shinier outcome is achieved. There are many ionic dryers on the market but one of the best is the Babyliss 5560DU, which comes in an attractive metallic purple.

10. The Smartphone

Smartphones such as the iPhone can download apps for absolutely everything, including apps for better health and wellbeing. Apps including:

iPhodometer, TheCarrot, Lose It! Weightbot, SugarTracker and BodyBook are all aimed at improving health in its many aspects, be it weight loss or helping a diabetic monitor their sugar intake, apps are quickly becoming a great boon to the continued maintenance of good health.

These 10 products are just a few of the health and beauty technologies available to consumers. Every day, something new hits the market, making people fitter, stronger, prettier and happier.

Becky Mackay is a Manchester based copywriter, with an interest in technology, health and lifestyle. Find out more on her twitter page @ FreshHealth11

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  • September 12, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    Interesting some new products work and others fade away; however the ones that add value the most tend to stay.

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