Top 10 Tulips to Plant

The one thing that is common in bees and humans is our attraction to flowers. Among the flowers, tulips ranks top with its beauty and elegance. This pretty flower when bloomed would radiate beauty and splendor everywhere. If you’re interested in planting, but wondering what variety of tulip to choose, here’s is the list.


The quiet elegant single-flowered Menton is simply fabulous.


The peony-like blooms reminds us of a bowl of raspberry ripple ice cream.


This combination of pink and green – the cup-shaped blooms with pointed petals are supremely elegant.


The gorgeous lily-shaped pinky-red flowers are marked with a white trim and appear from early May.

Princes Irene

The cheerful apricot flowers with delicate brush strokes of dark maroon will blow anyone’s heart.

Purissima (White Emperor)

The sophisticated Purissima with its white blooms emit purity.

Queen of Night

The brooding purple flowers are almost black.


Little species tulips like Turkestanica are a perfect choice for an alpine or gravel garden. The bulbs are smaller than the standard types and should be planted about 12-15cm deep.


With sumptuous layers of feathery petals, these tulips are flamboyant.


The buttery Sapporo blooms in May.

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