Top 10 Websites You Would Want to Go To

Can you spend a whole day without visiting your favorite sites? It requires a lot of time for a website to become the favorite of millions. One of the most famous data companies Alexa recently revealed the list of the most famous websites. From the list, here we collect ten most popular websites in the world 2012.


Google is the largest and popular search engine in the world. It has been providing services for around 14 years. It provides you with information about anything and everything under the sun, including image and voice search. According to Alexa, about 30% of the visitors are from theUSand the average time spend on a site is about twelve minutes.


Facebook is the largest social networking site and the second popular website. It has users from all around the world. The site has been online since 2004. According to Alexa, search engines refer approximately 4% of visits to it. Time spent on each visit to Facebook is roughly 24 minutes, with 56 seconds spent on each page.


YouTube which is the most favorite video viewing website holds the third position in the list. It has been online for more than seven years. Anyone can upload videos to this Google’s video showing service. According to Alexa, 21% of the viewers are from the US.


Yahoo, the major internal port and service provider, grabs the fourth position. It provides search results for customizable contents. According to the resources, 700 million people visit Yahoo! websites every month from around the world.


Baidu, China’s favorite search engine, is the 5th most popular search engine in the world. The services they provide include information about websites, audio files, and images. It is the first one to present WAP and PDA based mobile search in China. It has been online for more than 12 years.



Wikipedia, the largest and multilingual encyclopedia, is in the sixth position.  The software used in this called wiki allows anyone to edit and create the content. It has been online for eleven years.

Windows Live

Windows live which offers a collective set of web services is the seventh popular website in the world. This Microsoft owned website has 4% of visitors from around the world. It has been online since 2005.


Twitter, one of the most popular social networking sites, is the eight most popular website in the world. This micro-blogging site has been online for more than twelve years.

QQ is one of the largest and most used internet service portals in china. The website, owned by Tencent Holdings, was founded in 1998. Tencent’s communications and information-sharing services include, QQ Instant Messenger, QQ Mail, and search engine SOSO.


This American multinational company allows the customers to find everything they look for to purchase online. It has various features including one-click buying, extensive customer and editorial product reviews, gift registries, gift certificates, wish lists, restaurant and movie listings, travel, and photo processing.




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