Top 12 Funny Logos Marked Everywhere

When I was a little girl, I was fond of marking funny images on everything. I drew a butterfly on my thumb and mark on my books, painted a word of “Bad” on bottle cap and make stamps on those fruits my mother bought. Although my mother thought I was too naughty to handle, I did have much fun in doing such things.

Nowadays, there are plenty of professional logos everywhere, on T-shirts, cups, signboards and etc. In this April, with your creative mind, you can increase your enjoyment of life by creating your own funny logos and mark everything you want.

Take a look at the following examples, and I am pretty sure you will laugh out loud at such interesting creativity.

1. Mark on envelope – This envelop has been to China

A painting is not considered complete unless it bears the artist’s seal. So it is with your letter or envelope. It is interesting to mark your personal logo like a Chinese stamp on your finished letter or envelope. Such funny and creative logo will put a smile on the face of the person who receives it.

2. Mark on your pets – I am a really Hello Kitty

As a big fan of Hello Kitty, it will be fun to decorate your lovely cat with a marked logo of red bow and some texts like “I am Hello Kitty” on its face. If you don’t have a cat, mark this humorous logo on your white dog’s face will make you laugh too.

3. Mark on your breakfast – You’ve ate my heart

Suppose you had a logo maker of “I LOVE YOU”, you would like to mark your love logo on something to eat like bread, cake, pizza, waffle and etc. Your loved one will be happy to see such sweet food, let alone eat them.

4. Mark on your girl – Now, I can kiss you forever

Sealing a kiss logo on your neck makes you look fascinating. Also, if you want to make fun of one guy, it is amusing to mark a sexy or exaggerated red lips on his neck or on other exposed part of the body.

5. Mark on baby’s arm – Wanna date with me?

I can’t stop laughing every time when I see this picture. The baby is so cute with a Facebook logo of “I am available”, which makes me think of the words “I am single”.

6. Mark on lips – Mouse became emotional face

It is truly an enjoyable thing to color your lips with artistic images. Take the above picture as an example, there is an extremely funny Chinese character sealed on the lips.

7. Mark on mobile – I am the first one to have iPhone 5

Most of you like to decorate your mobile phone outstanding with individualized images or logos. The funny thing is to mark your Nokia with the Apple logo or seal your iPhone with a peculiar “5” as the image shows.

8. Mark on your man – You are my separate property

Create custom T-shirts with your own personal logo is very popular. If you are a barrel of laughs, you may consider marking some funny logos like a right-pointing arrow with letters of “I am yours”, or a wedding image with “game over”.

9. Mark on shoes – Believe it or not, it’s blue

Joy of life exists everywhere. Even a simple pair of shoes will make people laugh. I can imagine your emotions when you see a yellow shoe marked with a logo of “It’s blue”.

10. Mark on destination board – I am the conqueror of Wall Street

If you are creative and bold enough, you may act as a barbarian invader or conqueror to mark a logo of “Take up” on the destination board. Then the whole street is yours.

11. Mark on game character – “Head Shot” to anyone I hate

Have you imagined touching the game character? Although it is inconceivable to you, the truth is you can do it. Try to give full play of your creativity, and you can mark any logo you can on the fictional character.

12. Mark on spacecraft – Make it fight for you

The world is full of miracles. Give free rein to your imagination and lighten up your minds, you can even custom your funny logo and mark on a spacecraft.

Have you impressed by these funny logo examples? In fact, all these interesting or incredible innovation may be accomplished by a versatile logo marker. With it, it is possible for you to mark logo everywhere.

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