Top 20 Gadgets of 2012

There are many gadgets to make life easier and more fun. Our world is full of innovations, and there are new high tech gadgets designed every day to make different aspects of life better. If you are technology savvy, you know that 2012 is no exception to this. The following are just 20 of the top gadgets, in no particular order, that those in-the-know may just need to have.

1. The Sumsang Ultrabook 9

Ultrabooks are a big deal, and they are popping up everywhere. Many are making them, but Samsung seems to be doing so the best. The Samsung Ultrabook 9 has been improved over the previous version, and it is now lighter, thinner, and more powerful. If you are a computer fan, then you should not miss this amazing product made with many of the same parts that go into Apple products.

2. The Belkin StreamCast

This gadget was in planning for a long time, but it is now a reality. With this device tangled cables can be forgotten because you do not have to connect many different wires to your TV to be entertained. The BelkinStreamCast gives you the freedom to connect many different devices within a 100 feet range taking entertainment to whole different level. This is just one of many great wireless gadgets to watch this year.

3. The LG 55 OLED TV

This TV is not out yet, but it is expected to be released in September 2012. It will come with amazing features, a razor thin design, a stunning picture quality, high contrast, and the ability to enhance with low power. This is TV is going to be a trend setter, inspiring what will come next in the future of television sets.


This is a high tech gadget aimed at making life better for fitness freaks. This device can talk to your cell phone, give you notifications, speak the time, and show inbox messages. The MOTOACTV also tracks your running path and assists in determining the calories you have lost in your running session. It makes getting fit easier and more high tech than ever.

5. The Lenovo S2 Tab

After succeeding in designing great business class laptops, this company has proved to be a source of great performance devices. Lenovo is also a company to watch because it is becoming one of the very top computer manufacturers quite quickly. The Lenevo S2 is a high performance tablet computer that weighs in at 1.24 pounds and has an amazing battery life of up to 22 hours of use.

6. Asus Memo

This is another great and economical tablet with incredible features. It boasts a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, has 1GB RAM, a 8 MP camera, a 1280×800 IPS resolution screen, HDMI output, an internal memory of 16 GB, and an affordable price tag of about $250. Most people needing a tablet on a budget should definitely opt to get this wonderful and cheap tablet.

7. The Huawei Ascend P1 S

This is so far the thinnest smartphone on the market as it is thinner than the Motorola Razr by 0.42 mm. This phone features an AMOLED 4.3 inch screen , and it has a 1.4 GHZ dual-core processor backed up by 1 GB RAM. It also has an 8 MP camera that captures stunning photos, and you can also record fantastic video. If you want t a powerful smartphone that doesn’t take up too much space, this is the one for you.

8. Lenovo Ice Cream Sandwich TV

With the innovation of the OLED TVs, Lenovo has made their own complex TV with features found in tablets and laptops. The TV is a first when it comes to having a 1.5 GHz processor, and the Android Ice cream Sandwich operating system comes loaded in. This TV gives you an opportunity to view YouTube videos, surf the internet, make video calls, and gives you access to a wide range of Android apps. This TV can revolutionize how you watch TV and are entertained.

9. Face Recognition Time Attendance System

You can say goodbye to conventional door locks and keys; these are so old fashioned! The Facial Recognition Time Attendance System and Access Door Lock uses advanced 3D technology and high power night vision cameras to recognize the faces of residents and guests. The device uses high tech sensors to recognize faces fast and accurately. This gadget is stylish and futuristic and can store about 500 faces. It has a touch pad, a TFT display screen, and a USB port. This system will definitely impress.

10. iBallz

These are innovative items aren’t as much gadgets as they are must-have accessories. It is made up of four rubber balls aimed at protecting tablets and iPads from inevitable falls, spills, and sticky surfaces. You can orientate the balls so that you get a perfect typing position or hang your device vertically, which is ideal for planes and cars. The four balls will absorb any shock in case of an accidental drop, keeping your tablet or iPad safe.

11. Touch Screen Heart Rate Watch

This is an innovative useful gadget especially for people who are working out or looking to lose extra weight. The gadget will not only tell you the time so that you can keep track of your workouts, it will also assist you in monitoring your heart. You will not have to use the uncomfortable chest strap as this amazing watch will give you the important heart details you need through other technology. It also is easy to use when working out due to an easy touch screen.

12. My Music Radio

This is an astounding gadget that will give you the ability to broadcast music from your computer to an FM radio in your office or home. The device is wireless and thus has no need for tangled wires. Through FM tuning, you can listen to music or watch movies on your PC with the sound being transmitted to all your radio receiving systems. The device has 20,000 pre-installed radio stations, and through FM tuning, you can listen to these station directly from your stereo.

13. JVC GY-HMQ10 4K camcorder

With the tablet craze being powered by the iPad and the quality cameras coming out in smartphones, people forgot about camcorders. These cameras are, however, regaining popularity thanks to innovative moves in the industry. This camcorder gives you the ability to record and also play videos in ultra-definition, which is far much better than your standard high definition TV. The camera gives you both speed and quality, and it is definitely agadget you want to get your hands on.

14. Fujifilm X-pro 1

With a new sensor that uses color filter array inspired by conventional film cameras, this camera is a top device that can take much better photos than your smartphone or even a standard point and shoot. The camera’s sensor has been powered by a combination of an optical and electronic view finder. Easy to use, even if it was more complicated, it would be worth using for the fabulous quality photos.

15. Epson Moverio

Epson has announced the coolest visual display glasses in the market. The Epson Moverio BT-100 is a first, as far as Android-based wearable glasses are concerned. The glasses use a track-pad controller and micro-projection technology which allows the wearer to stream and watch videos, enjoy downloaded digital content, and experience 3D content on an 80 inch “perceived screen.” Wearable tech like this is truly on the cutting edge.

16. LG Smart Scan

With the invention of the LG OLED TV, LG now focuses on more high tech gadgets such as the LG Smart Scan. This is an innovative mouse that will greatly enhance your computing experience. Well designed and slick, this computer peripheral is almost a must-have.

17. iPad

2012 saw the new iPad come to the market, and the technologically savvy all over the globe have gotten their hands on this device. This premium tablet comes with a quad-core A6 processor and high resolution retina display.

18. Apple iPhone 5

The iPhone 4S was a disappointment to some. While it had many new features, the appearance was not different from its predecessor, the iPhone 4. Also, many didn’t think the innovations weren’t quite enough. iPhone fans and those who look for the highest quality smartphones are looking forward to the iPhone 5 which should be out later in the year.

19. Looxcie LX2 Wearable Video Cam for iPhone and Android

This is a great innovative gadget for your Android or iPhone, and it is definitely something unique that not everyone has. This camera hooks over your ear like a Bluetooth headset, and it can record everything you see, as it looks where you do. This wireless gadget is innovative and definitely a first of its kind.

20. Alienware M17X

For all the gaming fans out there, this is the laptop you should get your hands on this year. The laptop comes with 8 GB RAM which can be customized to 32 GB of RAM. With a hard drive capacity of 750 GB, this laptop can store quite a number of games. It uses anintelligent i7 process and thus can compete with powerful gaming desktops. So far, this is the ultimate gaming laptop to come to the market this year.

This article is written by Sara Carter who likes social networks, google android, cyberdefender and psychology.

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