Top Cloud Based Antivirus Software of 2012

Antivirus software is a necessity for computer users for them to be able to proceed with their online activities without the risk of being hacked. Virus attacks have always been the main problem of computer users. Most transactions are done online and it is a requirement for users to provide their personal information and security information. However, most users have been putting themselves at risk by not equipping their computer systems with the best antivirus software.

Computer users which have not yet updated their computer system with the best antivirus software should keep in mind the disastrous effects of viruses. The computer system may become vulnerable to various malicious and malware programs that could not only slow down the speed of the system, but could also, hack and steal personal and financial information and make your computer system crash completely. These virus attacks can be easily handled by installing the best free antivirus software. This will help give your computer system immunity from virus attacks.

Here are a few cloud based antivirus software which provides several benefits such as centralized management and easier personal computer developments which require less dependency on users.

Written below is a review which compares three cloud based software. The comparison is based on their features and their user compatibility.

Immunet Cloud Antivirus

Immunet comes in both paid and free versions that promise stress free online activities and dynamic protection against harmful threats. Its features include:

  • Immunet is 35 times lighter than any other antivirus program. Its speed and performance are stable and will not affect your computer system in the long run.
  • Users are assured of community and round the clock support through forums and emails.
  • Guaranteed fast and real time protection with the proper lightning speed of cloud based computing.
  • Basic scanning and root removal of threats, Trojans, root kits and spywares.
  • Full system scan, quick, flash (process and registry), custom scan (files and directories).

It is dependable, reliable and competent antivirus software with real-time security to protect against various threats.

Panda Cloud Antivirus

Panda cloud antivirus has a user friendly interface which will give users an easier time. It gives a sense of better organization of the features. Antivirus is certainly a necessity for modern computer systems, but to make it more resistant from virus threats, panda cloud antivirus provides a two way firewall which adds Phishing and other security features.

  • Two way protection is required for adding Phishing protection and other security features.
  • It is collectively combined with antivirus, firewall, anti-phishing and a few other features.

King Soft Cloud Antivirus 

This antivirus is a free cloud based antivirus program, which provides effective and robust protection solutions to the computer user. It automatically guards your system from viruses, malwares and spywares by using multiple guards all at the same time.

  • It is lightweight, unobtrusive and requires proper protection of other virus protection software.
  • Quick, reliable, robust and has an easy to use interface.

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