Top Ten Bipolar Celebrities

Often called manic-depressive disorder, bipolar disorder is a durable condition that leads to extreme mood swings that range from deep depression to mania. Many people have believed to be affected by bipolar disorder. It often referred that creative talent and mental order is closely linked. The erratic behavior of the celebrities is often connected to this condition, since bipolar disorder is characterized by continuous mood swings in which a person goes from a high, overexcited stage to a low, depressed one. Though it’s difficult to predict that if this condition actually pops up more often among artists and celebrities, we can say that many famous people have this disease. Here’s a closer look at ten of them.

Catherine Zeta Jones- the actress

Kurt Cobain – Singer

Sinéad O’Connor – Singer

Axl Rose – Guns N’ Roses lead singer

Linda Hamilton – Actor

Robert Downey Jr – Actor

Demi Lovato – Singer

Sidney Sheldon – Novelist


DMX – Rapper

Jean-Claude Van Damme- Actor



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