Transport Protocol Experts Group much faster than Traffic Message Channel system (Sept. 03, 2009) — Clogged access roads, packed car parks and traffic chaos are an everyday occurrence in many inner cities. A new system called Transport Protocol Experts Group (TPEG) will enable automakers to offer their customers additional services – such as weather information or details of vacant parking spaces.

FraunhoferIISResearchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS in Erlangen in Germany said that TPEG is much faster and more versatile than the conventional “Traffic Message Channel TMC” system. While TMC can distribute some 60 messages per minute, TPEG can handle 3,000.

In future, TPEG services will help drivers get to their destination quickly by using up-to-date information that is transmitted via mobile Internet or the digital radio broadcasting system and can be displayed on the roadmap.

Warning messages in response to dynamic speed limits would also be another option: if the driver exceeds the current limit – say a limit stipulated by a traffic management system – a warning lamp would light up.

The transmission standard TPEG provides the basis for the service. Automakers and device manufacturers, information service providers, research institutions and others have joined forces to create a consortium to establish TPEG as a European and international standard.

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