Travelers can use Cell Phones as Boarding Passes (Aug. 12, 2009) — The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is developing a way for travelers to use their cell phones as boarding passes.

airportWith the IATA system, paper would be completely eliminated. Instead, the boarding pass, with bar-code, would be sent to the cell phone. The bar-code could then be scanned directly from the phone’s display.

In addition to being able to check yourself in and use your cell phone as a boarding pass, it is now possible to deposit checks from anywhere using a cell phone by USAA bank based in Texas, which provides a way to deposit checks using images taken with a cell phone.

Deposit@Home program allows customers to take pictures of both sides of their checks with the cell phone camera, and then, accessing their accounts through USAA’s mobile banking feature, send the images into the electronic check deposit system.

Paper checks should be voided and then properly disposed of after the deposit goes through. USAA offers an example of what true customer-centered banking could be.

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