Travelling to become more convenient with solar charging options (Oct 29, 2009) — Konarka Technologies announced this week its Power Plastic flexible solar panels will be used in carrier baggage and perhaps shade structures in the Middle East and Africa.

solar chargerThe company completed a contract to provide its solar panels to German-based carrier producer Neuber for baggage that is able to double as chargers for small electronics including cell phones, digital cameras, and media players. Neuber is presently selling the supposed Energy Sun Bags at around 118 Euros ($175) on the Neuber Web site.

Konarka’s flexible solar panels in Neuber’s variety of mailbags are not the first example of backpacks going solar; however they definitely are one of the initial we’ve noticed in the rising development in latest months of reasonable solar bags approaching on to the customer marketplace.

Despite the fact that it is not up till now at the product stage, Konarka too announced this week it’s partnering with Enviromena Power Systems, a solar project developer in the Middle East and North Africa whose customers consist of Abu Dhabi’s designed green community Masdar City.

The plan is to put together Konarka’s flexible solar panels into shade structures.

Shade structures, tents, and awnings are previously used universally for shade. It makes logic to discover a double use for them as solar panels to offer a recharge for cell phones or iPods.

Photo credit: mackarus

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