TwitVid acquires a real-time search engine (Dec. 14, 2009) — TwitVid, a complimentary video host for Twitter, is introducing two latest, useful features on Monday. The first is a real-time search engine that will let users sort through videos both on TwitVid and YouTube. The other is an analytics engine that lets video owners be acquainted with more about who is watching their uploaded clips, and where they’re from.

twitvidAmong the two, TwitVid and Twitter users are expected to get additional usefulness out of the latest search engine. Similar to what OneRiot has done with its own real-time search engine; TwitVid’s advance takes into account how brand new the video is, along with whether it’s been well-liked on social sites. Lately popular videos then get enhanced real estate on the results pages. It’s a big step up for TwitVid users, who up until Monday had no way to search through videos other users had uploaded on the site.

As for the latest analytics tools, TwitVid breaks down some very fundamental information, including when people were watching your video. This is charted out down to the hour, day, week, month, and the total lifetime of that video. The service too shows where your viewers are coming from–or at least the top 10 locations. Incorporated as part of that list are links to the top referrers, which can explain you if your video got picked up anywhere.

TwitVid made its debut in March and competes with (not .com), TwitLens, Twiddeo, Twitc, Posterous, and Tweetube–just to name a few.

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