UK Govt to Monitor Every Call, Email (Apr. 27, 2009) —The British government plans to snoop on every call, e-mail or website visited by the public to empower its security forces.

emailsNow the security services will monitor communication traffic, – “who calls, texts, e-mails – when and where – but not what is said”. It means the security agencies will be able to see your visited Websites, when and from where but not the content of those visits.

It means the exact content of calls, communications will not be approachable but the text messages and visits to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter would be tracked.

However, if the data sets alarm bells ringing, officials can request a ministerial warrant to intercept exactly what is being sent, including the content.

“The proposals would be unacceptable,” warned Britain’s data protection watchdog Thursday night.

There is no problem with the targeted surveillance of terrorist suspects. But a government database of the records of everyone’s communications is not likely to be acceptable to the British public, said Information Commissioner Richard Thomas, the country’s data watchdog.

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