Students Create Portable Device to Detect Suicide Bombers ( june 25, 2009) — University of Michigan engineering undergraduate students have developed a new way to detect improvised explosive devices (IEDs), the weapons of suicide bombers.

michigan_unuversityThe core technology is based on a magnetometer, or metal detector. The portable, palm-sized metal detectors could be hidden in trash cans, under tables or in flower pots, for example. They are designed to be part of a wireless sensor network that conveys to a base station where suspicious objects are located and who might be carrying them.

They developed a wireless network of portable, hand-held sensors that could be hidden around an environment to detect improvised explosive devices, weapons often used by suicide bombers.

The students clearly have an excellent understanding of the problem. They also thought strategically and designed and optimized their solution. The combination of a movable command center with a wireless sensor network can be easily deployed in the field and adapted to different situations.

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