Virginia Tech to develop next generation nano-CT system (Sept. 04, 2009) — Virginia Tech is developing the next-generation nano-CT imaging system, which promises to greatly reduce the required dose of radiation.

virginia_tech_logoCT is an imaging method that shows objects by sections, through the use of x-ray waves and computer processing.

X-ray nano-CT is a cutting edge imaging tool,” said Ge Wang, Virginia Tech director of the Virginia Tech-Wake Forest University School of Biomedical Engineering Sciences.

Virginia Tech’s advanced multi-scale computed tomography facilities will soon include a Xradia Nano-CT system, and already has a Xradia Micro-CT system, and a Scanco micro-CT system, covering a wide range of image resolutions and sample sizes over six orders of magnitude.

Wang suggested that the combination of X-ray nano-CT and interior tomography will provide “a versatile nano-imaging tool that can visualize fine features within a larger object, and use a much lower radiation dose and in much less time.”

The nano-CT imaging system will provide images that will reveal deeply imbedded details, including subcellular features.

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