Virtual goods resellers are increasing gradually (Oct 28, 2009) — Gamers are not simply making purchases to improve their gaming understanding but in addition selling virtual assets to additional players, according to latest study from video game marketplace research firm VGMarket.

Virtual goodsSales of virtual goods are anticipated to reach $1 billion this year and already produce near $4 billion yearly in China. However there are a few challenges, principally the reality that once you exchange your actual cash to virtual cash you can’t voluntarily acquire the bucks back out.

The study exposed that in-game money is the most regularly sold digital good from player to player and that almost two out of three sellers sold in-game money in the previous 12 months, earning a medium of $22. PlaySpan, a supplier of monetization and payment solutions for games and virtual worlds and supporter of the study, considers that to be excellent information as its stage enables game developers to offer player to player markets for their players. Additionally, the PlaySpan Marketplace at present provides a secondary market for IMVU players to purchase and sell goods too.

One out of two sellers made a transaction in a social network game over the previous 12 months and earned a median of $50, whereas one out of four sellers completed a sale in a free-to-play game over the previous 12 months, with their median earning being $98, or almost twice that on social networks.

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