Vitamin E can assist battle cancer (Dec. 15, 2009) — Scientists from University of Strathclyde have devised a novel means to harness natural vitamin E extract that would kill tumors within 10 days.

vitaminEBy means of a new delivery system, the research team could mobilize an extract from Vitamin E, known ton have anti-cancer properties, to assault cancerous cells.

In the study conducted over skin cancer, the researchers found that tumors started to get smaller within 24 hours and just about vanished in ten days.

They believe the tumors may have been entirely destroyed if the tests had sustained for longer. When the tumors regrew, they did so at a far slower rate than earlier.

“We could see that it was very promising. Of course, this is just the first experiment done but it is very exciting,” the Scotsman quoted Dr Christine Dufes, a lecturer at the Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences, as saying.

Previous studies have found that the extract – tocotrienol, from palm oil, one of the developing world’s most widely-grown products – has tumor-fighting properties.

In the new study, team developed a formulation of tocotrienol that could be specially delivered to tumors intravenously.

They encapsulated it in a compound called transferrin, a protein that transports iron through the blood. The treatment was then tested on mice. The researchers found that the formulation led to tumors shrink in one day of treatment.

And the cancers had almost disappeared within ten days – the length of time the researchers were permitted to carry out their experiments under strict trial rules.

“We demonstrated that the intravenous administration of tocotrienol, entrapped in a tumour-targeted delivery system, leads to a fast tumour regression without visible secondary effects on healthy tissues,” said Dufès.

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