Waiting More than 28 Megapixels? Wait is Over.

28megapixelIf you are a photographer and want to improve your emage quality then be happy. Because Mamiya is going to launch DL33 with more than 28 megapixels. Price may be around $15000 on tag.The DL33 sports similar specs to the DL28, including a 3.5-inch touchscreen on the back, but bests its successor with a 36 x 44-millimeter, 33 megapixel sensor. That means 16-bit capture, 12-stop dynamic range, and ISO settings from 50 to 800. Other tweaks include a faster autofocus motor and an improved UI, but with image files clocking in at 67 – 190MB you’ll probably need some improved storage, too. The camera will be available starting next month for $19,999 including a 55mm f2.8 or 150mm f3.5 lens .

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