Website recreates a virtual London’s West End (Nov 26, 2009) — There’s no trash on the streets, no queues for the shops and barely in the least traffic. For anybody who has battled the real-life Oxford Street in London’s Oxford Street on a Saturday afternoon, the virtual adaptation seems to have a lot going for it. Near London is a precise 3D copy of the capital’s most important shopping region; Regent Street, Bond Street, and Oxford Street. Piccadilly Circus is there as well. It’s been anticipated to promote online retail. Users will be capable to come across a store’s website by clicking on its digital shop front. Selecting an thing in the window brings-up particulars for that product.

So far, dozens of star companies have signed-up. The people at the rear Near London say they anticipate to get each West End retailer on board. The service is too competent to interrelate with social networking sites. Facebook users can meet their friend’s online and converse purchases by means of video chat.

Near London says its virtual setting might ultimately be used for other, non-retail purposes, counting online gaming. It’s the first time the centre of London has been captured on computer in such detail. Buildings are scanned into the structure by means of laser technology. Every model is developed from thousands of points and some have taken weeks to render.

Near Global founder Alex Wrottesley said: “If they wanted to, Google and Microsoft can always go after a small company, but it’s not easy.” Near Global is not the lone company to attempt to bridge the gap between the real and online shopping world. Second Life, one of the internet’s largest 3D virtual landscapes, is home to scores of retailers. Dell, Reebok, Vodafone, and Sony are amongst those who have a existence. New Zealand-based offers related shopping surroundings, however it doesn’t try to reproduce a real-world location.

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