Windows 7 RC Free Download Starts Tuesday (May 5, 2009) — A final version of Microsoft’s next OS Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) will be available on May 5. Windows 7 is said to be lighter and easier to use than its predecessor.

windowAfter arriving first on torrent sites and then last week the company began offering Windows 7 RC to professional users who belong to its TechNet and MSDN communities, the operating system arrived on the main late on Monday night. The software will be publicly available on Tuesday.

Windows 7 RC contains most of the features that will be included in the final version of the OS, and it’s been tested for compatibility with hardware and software from most major vendors through a months-long beta program.

Still, Microsoft typically warns computer users not to use prerelease software for critical tasks or in business production environments.

Windows 7 RC will function until June 1, 2010. After that, users will need to upgrade to a full, paid version of the operating system. It’s highly possible that the company is eyeing a September release date for Windows 7.

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