Super-Capacitor Wireless Charging Coming Soon (Aug. 7, 2009) — Research firm Strategy Analytics will be combining the two technologies wireless charging and super-capacitors to recharge any gadgets in a flash.

palmpreThe Strategy Analytics predicts that wireless charging will quadruple its potential if combined with speed-charging, they could revolutionise the way we recharge our portable gadgets.

Today’s wireless charging system uses induction technology to transfer power over short distances, at about the same speed as a wired charger.

Strategy Analytics says that this gives “little benefit to users on its own.

The super-capacitors can provide a massive burst of juice in seconds rather than minutes.

“Super-capacitors are now just beginning to be designed into mobile phones, mainly for camera flash applications where their ability to deliver a high level of power for a short period is ideal.

Strategy Analytics predicts that the price of wireless charging systems will fall to under £10 by 2014.

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