WordPress 3.4 RC1 Ready For Installation And Testing

For those who are very much interested in testing the new features being introduced in the ever popular WordPress CMS software, WordPress 3.4 Release Candidate has been released for testing. A lot of bugs have been fixed and if there are no bugs found, this same release will become WordPress 3.4 final. According to WordPress news, around 500 bugs have been fixed in the release candidate.

We have already been reviewing the new cool features in WordPress 3.4 which include the fantastic theme customizer. If you are interested in upgrading your current WordPress installation to WordPress 3.4 RC1, then you should follow the steps below:

Wordpress beta tester

  1. Download and install WordPress beta tester plugin
  2. After you have activated the plugin, you can find the options of WordPress beta tester plugin in the Tools menu
  3. Change the options from “Point release nightlies” to “Bleeding edge nightlies”
  4. This will make sure that you will be able to use the built in wordpress updater to update to the latest beta or RC release
  5. Once you’ve completed the above step, go to updates menu and update WordPress to the latest beta or RC release.

What are your thoughts about WordPress 3.4? Will you be upgrading immediately once WordPress 3.4 final is released?

Download WordPress 3.4 RC1

Contributed by Usman who is currently testing Office 2010 language packs.

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