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A new exciting program has made its foray into the software terrain with the promise of enabling you with more options to work around Flash and SWF files. The latest edition Flash software christened – SWF Decompiler is unique in its approach, interface and utility. It is also exceptional with quality of supporting numerous web formats including latest like XFL, HTML-5(Apple users are more likely to benefit), FLEX and the like.

Now, you don’t have to worry about the lost FLA file from which you have created the SWF. SWF compiler is capable of recovering FLA formats from the Shock Wave Flash format. The Decompiler is smart enough to track down the replica of the lost FLA file by cracking down the SWF file. This also comes with options to recuperate the lost FLEX format as well as to convert the Flash to HTML-5 formats. It also supports extraction to the latest Flash CS5 format as well.
The designers and flash enthusiast will now have options before them to make alterations to the native Flash or Flex environment. It will be a consolation for numerous customers who have lost their FLA files to extensive flash websites via hard drive crash or similar instances.
This professional tool has the ability to export varied elements from the master file to popular formats. SWF Decompiler will be able to extract almost whole elements making up the SWF. Of the formats SWF Decompiler will be able to dig up include shapes (*.svg), images, sounds (*.mp3 or *.wav), videos (*.flv), frames, fonts, texts, buttons, sprites (*.html) and ActionScript.

The functionality is pretty quick and is further polished by its efficiency and easy to use design. The SWF Decompiler also can effortlessly handle Flash Projector files compiled to self-containing EXEs. The components extracted can be either used to generate another flash objects or can be reserved for other regular uses without any snags.

You can also tap your creativity with the authoring tool as well, by seeking transformations on existing flash to brand new Flash movie.
Probing new elements and tweaking it to form new results is always a human inclination. SWF Decompiler indeed assists you to do exactly that. You can alter the existing flash elements or replace it with new elements for making fresh Flash objects. SWF Decompiler is efficiently used in high profile organizations in different domains like Google, Amazon, Yahoo, BBC and many more.

An ideal application addition to Flash designers who have lost their original FLA, web designers who need to edit SWF and programmers who need to view ActionScript can make use of this product in the most effective manner. It can also be useful to designers for exporting photos from Flash and Flash enthusiasts to polish their skills.
Detailed guide lines and tutorials are available on the official site for aid you to extract full potential of the software.

This is your chance to enhance your flash resources, as the SWF Decompiler allows easy additions in IE, Firefox or Safari browser to capture and save flash elements directly from web.

You can now upgrade your Flash objects by fishing all the interesting online flash works sans the hurdles of copying and pasting URLs.
The latest functional application is developed by the SourceTec Software Co Ltd which boasts over ten years of dedicated study and improvisation resulted in the SWF compiler.

You can join “Test Before Buy” for free so as to familiarize the awesome performances this product offers. All you need to do is attach an SWF file to The company will decompile this SWF by new edition and notify you on the test outcome.

The utility-ware can be tested by downloading a 30-day trial version. SWF Decompiler is supported by Adobe Engineer and can be ordered for a feasible amount of $79.99.

For our readers we have a license of this product which we’re giving away for Free. To get your free license just email us telling why do you need it?

What do you feel? Don’t you think the software product you have been waiting for has finally arrived? Tells us your experience!


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