World’s Fastest Camera Takes 6 Million Frames per Second (May 1, 2009) —Researchers have developed a new, continuously running camera that captures images roughly a thousand times faster than any existing conventional camera.

world-fastestThe UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science Engineering researchers said the camera that captures images at some 6 million frames per second, based on an entirely new approach to imaging that does not need a traditional charge-coupled device or complementary metal-oxide semiconductor video camera.

“Unlike other high-speed imaging methods, this camera does not require cooling of the camera or high-intensity illumination,” said Kevin Tsia, a co-author of the research.

One of the applications for the camera is flow cytometry, a technique used for blood analysis. The serial time-encoded amplified microscopy (STEAM) technology enables continuous real-time imaging at a frame rate of more than 6 MHz, a shutter speed of less than 450 ps and an optical image gain of more than 300 — the world’s fastest continuously running camera, useful for studying rapid phenomena in physics, chemistry and biology,” said research co-author Goda, a postdoctoral researcher in the group.

The new camera is laser ablation, an important technology that is the basis of laser medicine. The camera can capture laser ablation happening in real time, providing important clues for understanding the process and optimizing its effectiveness.

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