Bigger Steps to go Green: World’s First Hybrid Solar-Gas Turbine Power Station

Not long back work eventually begun on the world’s first hybrid solarized gas turbine power station. It will be constructed in southern Israel.

first-solar-gas-hybrid-turbine-power-stationImage credit: AORA

The power station would be able generate solar power during the day and it would run on bio fuel during hours of darkness. To put it in a simple form it will create renewable energy throughout the day.

How does it all work?

The idea of this marvelous solar gas hybrid turbine has been around for many years. This however is the first time that it will be put into a working order and be built. The land on which the new power station will be built is 1 acre in size and will have a field that contains 30 tracking mirrors. Each one of these mirrors will be in direct contact with the sun.

From AORA:

Each heliostat will follow the sun and direct its rays towards the top of a 30 meter-high tower housing a special solar receiver along with a 100kw gas turbine. The patented receiver will use the sun’s energy to heat air to a temperature of 1,000 degrees Celsius and direct this energy into the turbine. The turbine will in turn convert this tremendous thermal energy into electric power that will be fed directly into the national grid.

This station will be launched in March. However there are still many important details which we don’t know about but it will be a big step for future technology.

The modular energy generating system is designed to require less land while generating more usable power and heat at a lower cost than other solar energy systems. The hybrid approach enables the system to run on solar radiation input, as well as almost any alternative fuel, including biogas, biodiesel and natural gas.

To put it in to a simpler form the hybrid solarized gas turbine power station gurantees a constant power supply. Reducing carbon emissions and making it the world first green power supply.

If they pull it off the whole world may benefit from this and we could all reduce that carbon footprint.

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