World’s Largest Telescope to be built atop Mauna Kea volcano in Hawaii (July 22, 2009) — Hawaii was chosen as the site for the world’s biggest telescope that will allow seeing some 13 billion light years away and getting a glimpse into the early years of the universe.

telescopeThe Thirty Meter Telescope’s mirror — stretching almost 100 feet in diameter that will be so large that it should be able to gather light that will have spent 13 billion years traveling to earth. Now astronomers will be able to see images of the first stars and galaxies forming — some 400 million years after the Big Bang.

The telescope will be located atop a dormant volcano because its summit sits well above the clouds at 13,796 feet, offering a clear view of the sky above for 300 days a year.

The telescope will be built by the University of California, the California Institute of Technology and the Association of Canadian Universities for Research in Astronomy and expected to be completed by 2018.

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