World’s Most Luxurious International Airlines

You flash out a ridiculous amount of money expecting a royal treat. But at times you end up realizing that it is the same old plane with none of the offered comforts.  If you are ready to spend few bucks on the new generation planes, it is hard to get dissatisfied; an entertainment system is waiting for you there. So before booking a ticket you have to watch closely the various aircrafts on the route. Take a look at the most luxurious airlines in the world.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic Airbus A330-300 flies from London to New York touching Mumbai, Delhi and Chicago. The airline sports a 87-inch bed, à la carte menu and a futuristic bar with Swarovski crystals and mood lighting. You can also use cellphones.

Singapore Airlines

The Airbus A380, going from Singapore to San Francisco, Los Angeles,Tokyo,Frankfurt and Sydney, has 55 inches of legroom and 34 inches of width. It packs a 15.4-inch LCD screen with a USB port and satellite-based On Air system, which provides internet connectivity for a fee.

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific which flies from Hong Kong to North America has a shoe locker, a side storage locker with a vanity mirror and a storage locker perfect for laptops, a personal TV with iPhone/iPod connector and a USB port through which you can watch your own movies.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Business Class contains a fully flat bed, a built-in massager, personal phone, 100 per cent cotton sleeper suits and a la carte gastronomy on board. It also features an ultimate five-course meal including a mezze platter.

Oman Air

The Airbus A330 Business Class has a 77.5 inches long and flat seat. The seat also comes with a 17-inch monitor, an Ethernet plug and two USB ports and a sleep suit, slippers and Amouage toiletries are also provided.

Thai Airways

If you ever get a chance to travel through Bangkok, make the journey in Thai Airways’ first class lounge. The lounge offers a luxury spa, massage rooms, a fine dining area, deluxe seating areas and state-of-the-art visual entertainment room, a visit to the lounge is worth booking a luxury seat alone.


Qantas Airways offers a colorful cabin for the passengers to meet in a relaxed atmosphere. It also features with free massages, no set meal times and an attractive bar area.


Emirates Airlines have been serving the luxury world of airlines for years with attentive service and excellent reputation. They sport private cabins in first class, a 23 inch LCD flat screen and personal mini bar. Business class seats are very roomy and frequent flyers can customize their entertainment systems with their personal choices for future use on flights.


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