Worried Over User Name Non-Availability on Social Networks? Get Help Here!

There isn’t any doubt about the fact that the world wide web plays an important role in the growth and sustainability of novel business ventures. With customers of any business predominantly the youth, new businesses undeniably need a website database and social networking linkage to advertise their business. Promoting their enterprises via the social media is one of the most viable and ever growing marketing arenas accessible today for established and fledgling businesses alike.

It’s very essential that new entrants need to check online availability of the company’s name while trademarking their endeavor. Take in case of Facebook, your online promotions will be in adversely affected if there are already other groups and pages with the same title as your business in the most popular social network.

Interestingly, there are many web services that help you ensure that your desired name is not already taken. These free services let you check about the availability of names on various websites, domains and networking sites and display the results. You can also try these services if you like to use a single name in all main social networking sites. Yu needn’t go searching for such websites. All you need to do is to browse though this page where we have listed for you six free user-name-availability-checking-websites. Don’t hesitate to try each one out and see which one appeals to you.

Username Check

One of the efficiently featured username sites of the lot, Username Check is the most customized of them all. The portal checks out the preferred names availability in 50 of the most popular social networks available. This site also offers the feature of sharing results via email, copying the URL, or using the available Share button on the site. And, in case your trademark name is already picked by someone you can visit the profile and look in, with just a click on the red thumbs-down. Notably for unoccupied networks, you can right away jump to the signup page and create an account, by clicking the green thumbs-up.

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NameChk’s is comparatively simple in terms of its operation. It just features the availability of the entered username across many social networking and social bookmarking sites. All aspects you want to know are listed in a single page so that you can easily check out your brands cyber media consistency with NameChk

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In the search bar of NameCheckList, you have to enter your desired business name minus the blanks. On clicking the Check It button, you will get to know the nomenclature availability status on social media, domain availability, and also the statistics of search engine results including Google, YouTube, Yahoo!, and Flickr.  It will categorize the results into Social Media Status, Domain Availability, and Search Engine & Media.  Along with this, the web service will also formulate the availability percentage that indicates the ‘goodness’ of your chosen name.

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KnowEm is easy and more refined. KnowEm checks the domain name availability along with the username readiness across other social media websites. It also helps you to feature your existing profile on social networking sites by adding them beforehand in your KnowEm profile and keep track of them along with the new social cyber-field searches.

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Namecheck (earlier Ud.com) is place on top, considering its sophistication. As in the case of other sites, this one will list down the availability of desired name on social media you have typewritten on its search bar. Besides, it will also let you know about the available country domains, vacant generic domains, and registered or obtainable trademarks.

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Usernamez also functions the same way as the ones earlier mentioned. The difference comes in the UI and the choice of the listed social media sites. The service is almost the same, as it lets you know the username availability across multiple social media networks with just a hit of a button. The modus operandi is simple: You just have to type in your desired name in the search space displayed on the homepage and click check. Results will be listed on the same page with “Tick” mark representing the ‘not occupied’ status of the name in the website and “Cross” mark for the contradictory.

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