Yahoo! Mobile officially launched ( Apr. 6, 2009 ) — US-based web portal Yahoo launched its personalised web service for mobile devices Yahoo Mobile.


This site is currently accessible by users in the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, India, Indonesia and the Philippines, with more countries to be included in the rollout in the near future.

Yahoo! Mobile offers a number of different online services, including search, email and social networking – similar to its current app, Yahoo! Go, which also offers mobile access to Flickr, weather updates and other services.

“The service is available across more than 300 devices with HTML-enabled mobile browsers. This includes Opera Mini browsers, RIM browsers, Webkit-based browsers, Windows mobile browsers and so on,” Yahoo India’s Senior Director, Mobile Products, Manish Dalal said.

Dalal said the service allows the browser to personalize his/her page by getting stock quotes of a desired company or accessing social networking sites.

“Instead of paying for stock updates, you can add the name of a particular company on your page to get its quotes. It also allows access to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other email services,” Dalal said.

While the HTML-enabled mobile browsers can avail of this service by visiting, the iPhone app is available in the Apple iPhone App Store.

From the Nokia stable, some of the devices on which the service can be accessed are N95, E90 Communicator, E71, E66, N85 and 5320 XpressMusic.

HTC Touch and Touch Pro, Herald, Pilgrim, Blackberry Storm, Blackberry Bold and Motorola Q and Q9 are other devices on which Yahoo Mobile can be accessed.

One thought on “Yahoo! Mobile officially launched

  • April 7, 2009 at 9:33 am

    My big question is, why?

    Why would I want Yahoo! to be my mobile home-screen. Aren’t internet portals for lazy people who never make it past their ISP’s walled garden? Does anyone persevere or spend any time on web portals like iGoogle. And more importantly, do portals like this fit in with mobile usage?

    Overweight offerings like Yahoo portal don’t seem to really fulfill any need apart from offering Yahoo! execs the prospect of mobile land-grabbing. But doing everything doesn’t count for much unless you are doing everything really really well. Google manages this trick for quite a bit, but doesn’t claim to the home for content discovery, for instance. Yahoo! doesn’t look like it is offering anything new or better than what is already out there, its just lumped everything in one great big purple sandwich.

    I have written a longer article about Yahoo mobile portal, you can check it on:

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